Mista Woosaa Music

t.R.A.C.P, LLC

I'm Doin' Me

by Mista Woosaa

Released 2011
S.O.T.A. Records LLC
Released 2011
S.O.T.A. Records LLC
This song is for the underdog. An anthem for triumph. A great workout song or for a soundtrack.
It is hard to place or compare Mista Woosaa to another artist because he doesn't sound like any artist out there.

Mista Woosaa puts together the elements that make a great listening experience whether it be the music, artist or both. You have heard his music before and didn't even realize it!

Are you tired of listening to kids rap and telling us how hard life is and experiences when they haven't even reached puberty yet? Are you tired of the crack head gimmick music that the radio stations cram down our throats on a day to day basis? Aren't you fed up with "what I got" music?

Mista Woosaa is not interested in bling-bling, rims and the lavish life. Mista Woosaa is interested in the music and the lyrical content. He is interested in moving people with words by inspiring, motivating, provoking thought, conversation or just plain old fun.