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Breaking the Cycle - Book

By Krys Briggs
"This book was awesome. I sat down and read it in one night. I'm not a big reader but so far every book I have read from Amaru has been hard to put down once I've started. There is one persons I would love to read this book to bad he will never do it but none the less I recommend it for anyone that may have some issues they need to work on. It puts life into a whole new perspective."

Dare II Compete - Book

By John Hagan
"This book is really good! It's a story of a young female wrestler over coming the odds of adversity through determination and hard work in a male dominated sport. A great read for anyone! Especially teens."

You're the Church - Book

By John Hagan
"I really enjoyed this book! It was fun and entertaining! I could not put it down! Having grown up in a church I could relate to many of the characters and situations. I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a fun story that also has a lot of heart, and many laughs!"

Love Will Make it Right - Book

By dottiemyershill11
"Loved this book from the first few lines. Reminiscent of the gift of the magi, this book shares the story of a family so in love that they would go to extreme lengths to take care of each other. That love does make it alright in the end is just the icing on the cake! I felt drawn into their lives and was rooting for them the whole way through. great book and highly recommended!"